Adjusting the height of the Kore Adjustable Wobble Chairs

Here’s a quick guide for raising or lowering the adjustable height.


  1. You can adjust the height of the Kore adjustable stools by pressing the actuator ring – a 360 degree lever just underneath the seat.
  2. To raise the seat, press the actuator ring and let the seat rise. Note that you must not be sitting on the seat when trying to raise it.
  3. To lower the seat, press the actuator ring and sit or apply pressure and push down. About 40 lbs of pressure are needed for the office stools and about 25 lbs of pressure for the kids adjustable to lower the seat.


These instructions apply to all Kore adjustable chairs:

  • Kids Adjustable Wobble Chair (15.5-21.5″)
  • Teen/College Adjustable (18-25″)
  • Office PLUS Everyday Chair (18.5-26.75″)
  • Office PLUS Standing Desk Chair (21-32″)

Click on the image to see the full-sized version. To save the image, right-click and save the link to your computer.

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