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Teen sittign on wobble chair in STEM classroom.


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Who is Kore Design?

Kore Design is a leader in Active Sitting, which encourages continuous movement and increases “Secondary Focus”. Wobble Chairs rock and spin on a patented, gently domed base, permitting comfortable and ever-changing positions to help exercise and stretch core muscles (back, abs, legs). Kore Wobble Chairs are ideal for school classrooms, libraries, or daycares; at work or in the home office; at drafting or crafts table; or for perching and taking a rest while standing for long periods of time.

Benefits of Kore Design Active Sitting

The effects of sitting still are taking a toll on children and adults of today’s world. With active sitting using Kore Design wobble chairs, seated activities don’t have to be sedentary! Constant motion helps increase blood flow which in turn stimulates Secondary Focus. Concentrate more on the task at hand instead of on trying to sit still. Our antimicrobial wobble chairs are also great for improving posture and decreasing stiffness in your back and joints.

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