Kids Kore Wobble Chair

The leader in ACTIVE SITTING – enables and increases *SECONDARY FOCUS*! Think better which promotes better learning and attention to details. Replace a traditional chair with a Kore—They will feel the difference!

Kore Antimicrobial Defense

Keeping their minds
from wandering…

Ideal for children with ADD or ADHD, as well as a strong way to keep focus, the Kids Kore Wobble Chair provides an outlet for restlessness and extra energy. This means a higher level of attention, focus, and retention for each and every student. Click the button below to view the Kore Chair in 3D.

Kid Enjoying the Kore Wobble Stool

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Kore Wobble Stools Are Fantastic At Wobbling

Kore Office PLUS Series

We simply weren’t designed to sit still all day, yet many of us do – at work, at home, in a studio or classroom, in front of a computer. Kore chairs rock and spin on a gently domed base, encouraging active sitting and exercising the back.

Rounded Base 

Ordinary chairs and stools force our bodies into unnatural, static positions, resulting in long-lasting physical discomfort. Kore stools are stable, and move with you to burn calories.

Rubberized Bottom 

Non-skid and weighed base so the stool stays upright. Improve your sitting experience and enjoy the long-term effects of a healthier back and happier muscles.

Adjustable Height 

Perfect for sitting or standing desks, ranging from 21″ – 32″ the Kore stool is your go to for any occasion. Upholstered in durable Black Caressoft vinyl for easy maintenance and cleaning.

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Enjoy the long-term effects of a healthier back and happier muscles