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Tired of replacing worn-out fabric nets or rusty chain nets? Meet Freedom Net. Designed by street basketball players in NYC for street basketball players around the world. Superior material with flawless functional design. Our nets made from flexible galvanized steel aircraft cable. And you still get that swish!

Note: this product does not include the basketball rim.


Red, White, Blue, White

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Kore Benefits


Long Life Span

Highly flexible galvanized steel aircraft cable rated at 1000lb break strength gives Freedom Net it’s long life-span. A tough vinyl coating protects against weathering and rust.


Unique Rimlock system

The Rimlock system permanently attaches the Freedom Net to the rim with a steel clamp, preventing loss. The Rimlock loop material is made of the same high strength cable.

Hand & Ball Protection

Rust free aluminum compression sleeves provide a strong connection point for the net. They are tooled with round edges to minimize ball wear and injury to the players hands.


Simple Installation

The Freedom Net takes as much time as a traditional cloth net or chain net to hang in a standard 12-loop rim. 10 minutes of work gets 10 years of play instead of 1-10 months.

Kore Measurements & Specs


  • Vinyl protected aircraft steel cable
  • Aluminum connectors

Max load weight

Item weight

2 lbs

Carton weight

2.2 lbs

Carton dimensions

12 x 7 x 2 in





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Contact Kore or your place of purchase for replacement instructions.

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