Kore Tops Stability Ball in an Outpatient Setting

Many therapists currently use stability balls in their outpatient practice when working with patients on balance and engaging the core. Some of these patients have vestibular problems, traumatic brain injuries, or are recovering from other orthopedic surgeries or back injuries.

The stability ball is very difficult to disinfect thoroughly, rolls off, and can be cumbersome to store. Additionally, many therapists feel that the balls always seem to lose air and therefore their effectiveness during patient exercise.

The Kore stool is a new option. The stool is easier to store, antimicrobial, and more age appropriate visually for this population. The adult Kore stool is adjustable yet provides for the uneven seating which encourages core activation, improved attention, and balance. Patients can sit on the stool and complete their upper extremity exercise while challenging their trunk stability.

Many patients chose to buy these stools for their home and workplace after using them at the clinic. Using the Kore while working at a home office or following up on the therapy home exercise program on a Kore stool is a bonus!

About the Author:

Kal Stumpf OTD, OTR/L

Kal Stumpf received her OTD at Thomas Jefferson University in 2014 with a specialty autism practice certification. She has worked for over 34 years as an occupational therapist in a variety of settings, primarily in schools though also in adult and pediatric rehabilitation in both clinic and hospital settings. Kal has both professional and personal experience in assisting caregivers of persons with Alzheimer’s disease and other aging issues. In addition to her OTD, she earned a B.S. in Occupational Therapy in 1984 from Western Michigan University and an M.S. in Educational Psychology-Learning and Development in 1989 from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Kal currently works as both an occupational therapy instructor and as a school based therapist.

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    Posted at 11:35h, 12 April Reply

    These are all excellent points. Many adult patients are nervous about getting on the ball and it is a challenge to keep them fully inflated and disinfected.
    Storage is always an issue and it is necessary to have a variety of balls to accommodate various heights of patients. I am looking forward to using the Kore
    in my practice and I am sure my patients will be less intimidated about purchasing a Kore for home use vs. worrying about how to inflate and
    transport the cumbersome therapy balls.

  • Sandy Kletti
    Posted at 19:08h, 15 April Reply

    interesting article! I’ve had lots of challenges with individuals feeling comfortable on a stability ball. They fear the ball will roll away on them or they will fall off the ball. I feel these individuals would probably not have that same fear with the Kore stool. The stability ball takes up a lot of room and often doesn’t fit well under a table or desk, unlike the sleeker design of the Kore stool. I also like knowing the Kore stool is antimicrobial which will make it much quicker and easier to clean. With the numerous benefits of the Kore stool, it will definitely be worth trying with individuals.

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