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#1 Rated Model – Kore Wobble Chair

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“Though it is a tough task choosing one between Kore patented wobble chair [and a competitor], we finally found Kore as the best wobble stool of the year. It fits kids, adults & teens and is available in 4 different sizes. 10 Inch for toddler, 12 for pre-school, 14 inch for kids and 18 inch for teens. There are so many schools now using Kore stools in their classroom. And it also is the best-selling model on Amazon.”

Top 10 Best Wobble Chairs of 2017 Review,

Family Choice Awards | Kore Stool Wobble Chair
Mindspring Award | Kore Stool Wobble Chair
Awarded GEI seal of endorsement | Kore Stool Wobble Chair

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