Late 1970s: First rocking stool designed by Jon Elmaleh.
The original rocking stool was created in a wood shop. The stools were hand-turned of solid wood and sold to friends and colleagues: designers, woodworkers, artists, sailmakers.
Jon spent years in the shop refining the curve and motion of the stool.
1986: Rocking stool is awarded USPTO Design patent #283,856
1999: First manufactured version of the stool, called the Unistool.
A participating architect in the Museum of Modern Art’s Unprivate House exhibition recommended the stool to the museum shop. The design was adapted for manufacturing, with factory-built seat and piston; the base, however, was still handmade of wood.
1999 – 2002: Unistool sold in the MoMA Design Store.
2000 – 2005: Rocking stool developed for mass production.
The Unistool was doing well, but hand-turning all the bases was proving to be too much for one man. Jon began to seek out a means of manufacturing the entire stool; the biggest challenge would be accurately reproducing the perfect dome shape on the base.
Stamped steel proved to be the right medium for mass producing the domed bottom. Other improvements were made as well – updating the height adjustment lever and creating a wider, more comfortable seat.
2005 – 2006: Flexistool introduced to market.
A factory was found to produce the stool. Out There Technologies began marketing the new version under the name Flexistool. Unfortunately, some issues with the manufacturing sent the product back to the drawing board.
2007 – 2008: Product refinement.
Out There Technologies found a new factory and spent 2 years perfecting and testing the product to ensure its quality and durability.
2009: Kore Stool hits the market. Contact us to find a retailer near you, or buy online today!